WipFrag Photoanalysis Systems
WipFrag is a revolutionary new way of sizing rock fragments, designed to replace slow and subjective tape measurements and screening of samples. The system offers a quick, systematic and automatic way to measure not only the average size of the product but it’s uniformity, oversize, fines content and fragment shape. WipFrag allows quarry operators, mining companies, explosives engineers and consultants to measure the size distributions of rock fragments and to achieve the required fragmentation with minimum explosives and drilling costs.
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WipJoint Joint Mapping Software
WipJoint is an optional software feature that can be added to the WipFrag photoanalysis system that enables the user to characterize and measure jointing patterns that are apparent on in-situ rock surfaces. WipJoint has been developed for use in structural mapping of highwalls in open pits, road cuts and development faces in underground mining and construction.
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